Ep 1: Introducing Holding Heritage

Holding Heritage Cultural Co.
Holding Heritage Cultural Co.
Ep 1: Introducing Holding Heritage

My name is Hollie! I am a second generation Chinese Canadian.
Which means my ethnic background is Chinese and I was born and raised here in Canada – however, my parents and their families were born and raised in Vietnam.
In the 1970s after the Vietnam war, my parents' families became one of hundreds of thousands of refugee families fleeing during the enormous refugee  diaspora. These refugees are also known as the boat people.
Eventually, after many hardships, their families got sponsored to Canada.

This is where Holding Heritage begins.
This show will be a collection of stories, interviews, conversations and insights into the Chinese-Vietnamese refugee experiences of my family members. We’ll focus on championing Chinese-Vietnamese Heritage – concentrating on refugee stories, family relationships and bridging generational gaps.
I’ll also be sharing aspects of my personal journey of learning and connecting with my own family, heritage and identity as a second generation millennial.

I want to have conversations around how we can approach these seemingly-daunting topics to deepen our understanding, deepen our appreciation and strive to strengthen and bridge these generational and cultural gaps.
There is so much joy, growth and healing that can come from these types of interactions and I’d like to encourage others in my generation to explore them with me!
So please stay tuned, and visit holdingheritage.com for more information.

I’m so excited to share with you!

Music by Blue Wednesday – be sure to check him out!