Ep 2: Introducing My Dad! – Where Do We Start?

Holding Heritage Cultural Co.
Holding Heritage Cultural Co.
Ep 2: Introducing My Dad! - Where Do We Start?

We take a glimpse into how to approach the daunting task of opening conversation with our parents and how simple connection with them can potentially be. If we’re wanting to learn more about them, our culture, our families, even ourselves – it may not have to be any grand emotional moment, super long conversation or heart shattering interaction. Oftentimes the opening up of even tiny glimpses and simple details into their personalities, pasts and memories are enough to create and spark these amazing flames of impactful connection and deeper appreciation!

My dad, Sinh Ha was a young teen when he made his refugee journey and he shares some stories and memories and I hope you enjoy listening!

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Music by Blue Wednesday – be sure to check him out!