Holding Heritage is geared towards encouraging 1.5(+) generation  Asian North Americans to learn more about their families, culture, heritage and how to more deeply connect with each. Holding Heritage takes special focus on championing Chinese-Vietnamese Heritage - concentrating on refugee stories, family connections and bridging generational gaps. Striving to become a virtual Cultural Community Centre for Chinese-Vietnamese North Americans.

1.5 generation refers to individuals who came to a new country before or during their early teens.

(+) refers to generations following such as 2nd gen (at least one first-gen immigrant/refugee parent), 3rd gen (one or more foreign-born grandparents), etc.


Many 1.5(+) generation individuals become multicultural, combining culture of country of origin with the new country.


Holding Heritage hopes to uphold Chinese-Vietnamese heritage in ways that are comfortable, welcoming and engaging!
Main goals are to:

Deepen Knowledge & Appreciation

Deepen knowledge and appreciation of the heritage created by the Chinese-Vietnamese who came to North America as refugees following the end of the Vietnam war in 1975. 

Preserve, Document & Share

Preserve, document and share these important stories and traditions for subsequent generations, and generations to come. Doing this in a way that is enjoyable and interactive!

Shed Light on Intergenerational Connection

Shed light on how deeply fulfilling, and healing intergenerational connection and understanding can be. Focusing on areas that will help advocate the importance of mental health, patience, and compassion.

Have Honest & Open Conversation

Have honest and open conversations with other 1.5+ generation peers on the process, challenges and joys of finding identity and belonging.

Let’s explore and share through thoughtful storytelling, open and honest conversation, helpful resources, and fun projects!

Hi! I'm

I’m passionately invested in bridging the gaps between my generation, and my elder’s generations in the pursuit of preserving my heritage, family stories and building healing and meaningful relationships. I want to ensure that future generations will be able to know, understand, and appreciate our important cultural roots.

I am a second generation Chinese Canadian. I was born and raised in Canada - while both of my parents were born and raised in Vietnam. Both sides of my family are ethnically Chinese however, since my parents and their families grew up in Vietnam, they resonate with both Chinese and Vietnamese customs. In the late 1970’s, our families became one of hundreds of thousands fleeing Vietnam as refugee boat people.

My goal is to hopefully share and encourage the documentation, and participation in these important conversations and connections that work to heal and strengthen our families

I believe that as 1.5+ generation Asian North Americans, we are in an incredibly unique and powerful position where we can be open, willing and vulnerable when it comes to deepening our family relationships. I want to challenge stereotypical asian family dynamics and ways of intergenerational communication by shining light on the importance of mental health, patience, and compassion.

This is a life-long journey, and I hope you will join me!